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Casie Yoder Consulting (CYC) helps non-profit and mission-driven organizations solve the 24/7 communications problem so they can avoid costly crisis situations by communicating clearly to the right people at the right time. We only work with organizations who are committed to equity and social justice, value transparency, and are a part of the communities they serve. By working with CYC, these organizations will communicate effectively to their target audiences, they will earn trust and respect from those they serve, and they will be positioned for long-term fiscal success and lasting positive change.


CYC is a minority and woman-owned strategic communications firm with an extensive current and former client list, including social enterprise, non-profit executives, public institutions, and political candidates. We specialize in long-range strategic planning, crisis management, and creating impactful public engagement.


Casie Yoder

Founder & Principal

With more than a decade of experience as a communicator, Casie served as the Public Information Officer and chief spokesperson for the City of Decatur, Georgia before founding Casie Yoder Consulting in 2016. Previously, she worked in politics and issue advocacy in Washington, D.C. at the George Washington University, the United Food and Commercial Workers, and the National Association of Letter Carriers. Casie launched her professional career by creating and managing social media (then called “new media”) for the AFL-CIO in Wisconsin during the 2008 presidential election.

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Elizabeth Ireland


Elizabeth is a writer, creative, journalist, and public relations professional with nearly 20 years experience across a wide spectrum of social issues. Her agency background includes the Creative Department of D.C.-based GMMB and San Diego’s Stalwart Communications. Her writing has appeared in outlets such as Fast Company, NBC News, Forbes, and The San Diego Union-Tribune. Elizabeth specializes in integrated campaigns and brand strategy for clients who want to build a better world.

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Olivia Chalkley


Olivia does all the little things that keep CYC running and clients happy. Olivia graduated from Guilford College in 2017. She enjoys reading novels and going on long walks.



  • Strategic planning
  • Crisis management and rapid response
  • Public engagement
  • Digital organizing
  • Messaging
  • Brand development


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