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Jan. 2017 Client Spotlight: Pincause

With the tagline “Little Pin. Big Goal.” Casie Yoder Consulting is helping Pincause go from zero to 100,000 pins in just three weeks. Pincause is an ambitious new social enterprise well on its way to raising $200,000 for the ACLU and Planned Parenthood.

Pincause founders Kate+Nate are busy making news, including:

About CYC

Just before the holidays in 2015 I quit my job in local government to start my own strategic communications consulting firm. I specialize in helping small businesses (generally of the social entrepreneur variety), non-profits, and local government agencies create effective strategic communications plans and figure out the best way to implement it. This includes online and social media as well as traditional press outreach and (my personal favorite) crisis communications planning (Free pro tip: You cannot effectively plan for a crisis once the crisis has started).

In 2016 I wrote a weekly email called 12You can currently find me on Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter.

If you’d like to talk about how we might work together, please email or call 404-491-9403.

About the header image

I took this photo in September 2015 of a window in St. Joder’s Church in Switzerland. The church is an out-of-the-way little white chapel on the side of a mountain in the Alps. It is located in the Canton of Bern in the German-speaking part of Switzerland, which is where my Yoder ancestors lived once upon a time (though not necessarily exactly where St. Joder’s Church is).   

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