Casie Yoder | A classic mistake
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A classic mistake

A classic mistake

Hey everyone,

Thank you for sticking with me one more week, and an extra special thank you to those of you who signed up to receive 12 in the last seven days. I have had a few people ask me:

“Why Tiny Letter (and not Mailchimp)?”

Well, Mailchimp is a great tool, and I use it all the time for work. As a result, logging into Mailchimp feels like…work. While writing 12 is technically work, I wanted the words to be front and center so that I felt like I was working on a writing exercise and not a marketing campaign, to keep 12 narrative rather than sales-y. That’s why I chose to use Tiny Letter (which is, incidentally, owned by Mailchimp).

A classic mistake

When it came to building out the content for my website,, I way over promised and completely under delivered. It’s a classic mistake. Anyone going through his or her first “this is how the website sausage gets made” experience quickly learns that nothing ever goes as planned and everything is always behind schedule, just like a real-life construction project.

I’ve gone through more website build outs/rebrands/refreshes/relaunches than I care to think about, so I have no excuse for making such a basic error as promising “More details coming mid-November.” It took until today, Jan. 12, for me to replace those hubris-filled words.

I’m going to use this experience as a lesson that no matter how much we learn and how far we get in life, we always remain fully capable of making rookie mistakes. Fix them and move on, and be forgiving of others and their dumb moments.

Alana inspires me (and makes sure I look good)

Alana Fuselier started out cutting my hair about a decade ago. Back then she used a straight razor and worked as one of many stylists at a well-known Atlanta salon. When I moved away to our nation’s capital, I would try to see her for a cut and color every time I was in town (the beauty industry in Washington, D.C. is about what you’d expect in a city nicknamed “Hollywood for ugly people”).

Nowadays Alana cuts my hair with scissors and owns her own salon, The Wayward Parlor. She’s one of many entrepreneurs in my life who has shown me that you can do things your way, without compromising your values, and not end up penniless and in the gutter.

Periscope broadcast tomorrow

Last time I was in her chair, Alana gave me bangs. I’ll be showing them off tomorrow in my first Periscope broadcast from my personal account. If you haven’t checked out Periscope this will be your chance. Just download the Periscope app from the Apple or Google Play stores, follow @casetheplace (that’s me, same as my Twitter handle) and make sure notifications are on so when I go live you’ll get an alert. And then watch. And tap on the screen to give me hearts (it will make sense at the time, I promise).

Until next Tuesday,

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