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All business

All business

April 06, 2016
Hey everyone,

When I started this newsletter in January I meant for it to be mostly business with a little bit of personal. I feel like it’s mostly ended up the reverse, which is just a good reminder about the best laid plans and how they tend to work out.

Business is going well. I started paying myself a salary late last month(!!) and referrals are coming in fairly steadily for potential new business. I’ve got a good business development pipeline and have found a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system that I like to manage it all.

The enthusiasm and support from Atlanta’s PR community has been amazing. Lots of encouragement and helpful tips and several of those referrals I mentioned in the previous paragraph. There is so much communications work to go around in metro Atlanta that another independent practitioner is not viewed as a threat.

The one recurring thing that surprised me at first and which I now just find amusing is the number of people who ask me where my office is, and seem confused when I say I don’t have one. In their minds a business = a physical location, and without an office I don’t have a legitimate business. Their eyes glaze over when I try to explain how I am keeping overhead low and really trying to bootstrap everything, and that I won’t need office space until such a time as I’m ready to bring on staff. These conversations are great reminders that not everyone is made for entrepreneurship.

And I’ve got 49 days left on the campaign I’m managing. The seven weeks are going to be a whirlwind for me.

Until next Tuesday,

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