Casie Yoder | Bye, 2016
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Bye, 2016

Bye, 2016

December 27, 2016

By Casie Yoder

Hey everyone,

This is the last 12 of the year. I’ve been mostly diligent in writing weekly (with some time off for good behavior and a couple of “oh no, I missed Tuesday” moments). My intention when starting 12 a year ago was to use this email as an anchor for myself amid all the then-still-unknown experiences I thought I would have.

Business-wise I’m ending this year still afloat, but somewhat disappointed that I don’t have more locked down work for 2017. A couple of new client contracts fell through at the last minute right before the holidays, and as a result I haven’t had a chance yet to replace them. This means I go into the new year with more uncertainty than I thought I would have. (Zeitgeist, anyone?) It also means I’ll be working the phones hard this week and next as I go through my list of prospects. So if you happen to have any leads for potential work, please don’t be shy – let me know!

I have learned so much in 2016. I’m a hands-on learner in a lot of ways, and so I’ve had to try some things out and not do well and try again a different way. I really only seriously screwed up a couple times, and then in ways that weren’t catastrophic, just not handled as gracefully as they should have been. I’ve marked these screw ups as learning experiences and know what I will do differently in the future.

Here’s to the final days of a very long and very interesting year. May the new year brings us all peace and joy and prosperity and kindness.

Until 2017,

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