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Casie Yoder | Happy Valentine’s Day
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Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day

February 14, 2017

By Casie Yoder

Hey everyone,

I haven’t sent a Tuesday email in 2017 yet because I have big plans in the works: Unveiling a new look for Casie Yoder Consulting AND a new multimedia element in my communication with you. Both of these items are still outstanding (new launch goal is mid-March) so I figured I better send y’all a quick update.

2017 got off to a banging start, with new clients and new opportunities flowing my way. I started attending weekly morning meetings with a local women’s networking group I always meant to go to last year and never did, and have already reaped the rewards with some paid work. (New Year’s lesson: Get around to something in 2017 you’ve always meant to do!)

Last year, I didn’t do much media outreach, but so far this year I’ve already placed quite a few stories for clients in print, radio and television (the flack trifecta). It feels good to exercise those pitch muscles again.

While I put the finishing touches on the new look and new platform, I’ll be bringing back the Tuesday emails, so:

Until next Tuesday,

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