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Casie Yoder | Losing things
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Losing things

Losing things

February 22, 2017

By Casie Yoder

Hey everyone,

Sometimes it feels like all I know how to do is lose things. For the first time ever I lost my iPhone this morning and had to use the “Find my phone” feature to track it down. Thankfully someone in the reading room turned it into the front desk of the library, where it was waiting patiently for me to pick it up.

I lost track of what day it is. I thought today was Tuesday, but it is really Wednesday and I am a day late sending this email.

The Feb. 13 & 20 issue of The New Yorker has a piece by Kathryn Schulz called “Losing Streak.” Sometimes the magazine’s writers annoy me (Jill Lepore is a repeat offender) but when they are good they hit it out of the park. Schulz references, naturally, Elizabeth Bishop’s famous poem but also weaves in another poet I haven’t read, Patti Smith’s memoir (also haven’t read), Freud, a couple psychologists I’ve never heard of, C.S. Lewis, and Walt Whitman. She does this in a way that never feels gratuitous but carries the reader along naturally from beginning to middle to end. It’s good writing, the kind that inspires me to renew my subscription every year.

Business stuff

  • I’m (or more correctly, the extremely talented graphic designer I hired) is putting the finishing touches on Casie Yoder Consulting’s new look. Expect to get your first glimpse next Tuesday.
  • The editor-in-chief of Entrepreneur magazine has been using his monthly letter to give tips and insight into how to pitch the publication. His March letter is called “How the media works” which I recommend any business owner hoping to be profiled read before pitching his or her venture (or hiring me to do so).
  • I tried to start 2017 without one, but by early February noticed I wasn’t realizing my full potential without a Passion Planner. I tried the smaller size this time, which fits better in a bag but doesn’t give as much room for writing and doodling. And I got the blush color because there was a flash sale. A few friends recently started bullet journaling, which looks simultaneously too ridged and too open-ended for me to wrap my head around. I’m curious to see if they stick with it or not.
  • New offering in 2017: I’ve teamed up with design expert Wendy Pruitt to offer the Jumpstart Marketing Plan. Wendy & I will meet with you to discuss your goals and develop a three-month marketing and communications plan just for your business. After we present our ideas, you’ll be able to provide feedback so we can fine-tune the details. And because you are a loyal reader of my weekly thoughts (meaning you haven’t gotten around to hitting that unsubscribe button), if you’d like to book this service I’m offering you the same 20% discount advertised below for the Lady Hawks. 

Until next Tuesday,


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