Casie Yoder | Not eaten by alligators
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Not eaten by alligators

Not eaten by alligators

Hey everyone,

I just got back from a Daddy-Daughter camping trip, which seems to be surprising to a lot of people. I guess I don’t give off the outdoorsy vibe, but I grew up going camping a lot and know how to do things like build a campfire and not get eaten by alligators. I was gone for four nights and completely out of cell phone range, which is my preferred way to vacation.

I came back to, of course, tons of email, and I spent a good chunk of time this afternoon deleting the subscription-based ones without a second glance. One from a certain presidential campaign did catch my eye, though, because of its subject line: Confidence. As you may remember, that was the subject line I used a few weeks ago for this very newsletter.

I’ll be back on regular schedule next week so –

Until next Tuesday,

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