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Casie Yoder | Round up
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Round up

Round up

Last week’s 12 was heavy. And I wasn’t sure if anyone would actually read it – but the response was fairly immediate and positive. Thanks to everyone who sent words of encouragement, called or otherwise let me know you are listening. I <3 you all.

This week, I thought I’d keep things a little lighter and shorter with a round up of 7 things I like.

7) Passion Planner
I love planners and making lists and “getting my life in order.” The Passion Planner is the best I’ve ever used. It was created by a female entrepreneur. It has a greatInstagram account that gives you a glimpse into how others (mostly talented artists with unhurried writing) use their Passion Planner (which is great inspiration for even the messiest of writers who scribble all over the place like me). And it forces you to reflect on GOOD THINGS THAT HAPPEN every week (perfect for anyone who struggles with remembering the positive moments).

I have no idea why Tiny Letter refuses to import this photo right-side up
6) Tom and Lorenzo
I got started reading this blog years ago because of their Mad Style posts (which deconstruct the costuming of Mad Men in the most detailed way). I also listen to their Popstyle Opinionfest podcast.
5) What Kate Wore
A blog about the style of Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge. I irrationally love her.
4) Anna Faris is Unqualified! 
Another podcast I enjoy. It can get a bit raunchy (Anna even talks sometimes about how this upsets her mother), so if you want an Anna fix that is less R-rated I recommend her TV show Mom.3) Cast of Thrones
The Game of Thrones podcast. Because sometimes you just need to listen to a bunch of nerds talk about every excruciating GoT detail.
2) The Good Wife
Sometimes I feel like I’m the only person in the world who watches The Good Wife, yet it is now in its seventh season. Catch up on Hulu or Netflix because this is the best political show on television. It also does a better job with the “case of the week” courtroom story than Law & Order. Not only does it star Nurse Carol Hathaway from ER, its got Maryann from Cybil, both bringing their skirt suit A-game.

1) Hamilton Original Broadway Cast recording
Are you a Hamilton (“I’m not throwing away my shot!”) or a Burr (“Wait for it”)?

Until next Tuesday,

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