Casie Yoder | The best laid plans of mice and me
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The best laid plans of mice and me

The best laid plans of mice and me

November 08, 2016
by Casie Yoder

Hey everyone,

I’m supposed to be in Florida right now. But one small vestigial organ had other plans: Appendicitis. This is why I’m typing this from my living room in Georgia, and why I didn’t send anything last Tuesday, bedridden as I was for a solid week. As my friend Laura put it, “You’ve not been sick, you’ve been ill.”

If I’d gotten this illness two hundred years ago I’d be dead. One hundred years ago and I’d have had my middle cut open, with a long, slow recovery (and I still could have died of post-operation complications). Today, the treatment is antibiotics to see if things get better. Surgery is a final option, not a first.

Sitting up felt terrible. Laying down felt terrible, but somewhat less terrible than sitting up. In my delirium I imagined all the toxicity of 2016 had invaded my body. As if in a fairy tale, my insides began to rot from the inside out, our world made flesh.

It took longer than I liked, but the Cipro did its job and I am healed. I have energy and appetite and a general bounciness again. All my parts are still inside me for future use.

Until next Tuesday,

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