The HAP Cycle is the proven process we use to create and refine a client’s communications strategy. It is named for our founder’s grandpa, who was a public relations director for a large public hospital in the 1970s. His nickname growing up was “Little Hap” (short for Happy) and Casie’s first lessons in PR came from her PR Grandpa.


It is a cycle because all three (Hear – Act – Plan) are done over and over again, around and around in either direction.

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“I hear you.”

Those three words acknowledge the speaker in a way that simply saying “I’m listening” can’t. That’s why we emphasize HEAR in the HAP Cycle. When you go beyond listening and really hear what your audience is saying, you will know exactly how, when, and where to communicate so they can hear you.


Do what needs to be done immediately. There will always be things that must be done now, no matter if you are mostly in the HEAR or PLAN stages of the HAP Cycle. Sometimes, ACT will take center stage.


Depending on what you are trying to accomplish, you can make a plan for a year, a quarter, a month, a week, even a day. And once a plan has moved to the ACT stage, you should start planning for the next goal.

We use the PESO model to guide your work through the HAP Cycle, ensuring that your organization is using all available channels to communicate and market effectively. The PESO model is the industry standard for high-impact strategic public relations. It places equal emphasis on using paid, earned, shared, and owned channels to communicate.

Our owner, Casie Yoder, trained directly with Gini Dietrich, creator of the PESO model and author of the book Spin Sucks.

Our Process - Hear
Our Process - Act
Our Process - Plan
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