UPDATE – Oct. 15, 2020

TL;DR: Casie Yoder Consulting is no more.

I (Casie) am available to work on projects now while I take the next few months to rethink, reset, and restart in 2021.

This blog post goes into more detail.

Thank you to everyone who supported CYC the past four years, including all the clients Liz and I worked with.

Do you need to send a message with a purpose – but find yourself unsure where to begin, what to say, or who to say it to? Or maybe you’ve been saying the same thing the same way for years and are not getting the results you dream about?


Does the thought of everything that could go wrong with your message keep you up at night?


If you need to communicate an idea clearly, decisively, and effectively, you should work with CYC.

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Communicate Clearly
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Non-Profit Brand Strategy
When writing with a computer you must guard against wordiness.
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Have you been saying the same thing the same for years with out getting results?

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