CYC is ending but something new is coming…

It’s the final quarter of 2020, and we made it! Simply surviving feels like a victory in this (wait for it…) unprecedented year.

I had grand plans for Casie Yoder Consulting in 2020 and all of them swiftly tanked right around March 1. This was when my grandfather spent a week in the hospital with double pneumonia (and I was there by his side through much of that). Thankfully we managed to get him better and home before the COVID-19 pandemic hit the state of Georgia hard.

Then, for weeks, business stood still. Clients weren’t making purchasing decisions. Contracts that had been lined up were never signed. I was fortunate enough to file for unemployment insurance and have my claim processed quickly.

So I’ve been ok, even though CYC hasn’t.

I’m now taking Q4 to rethink, reset, and make plans to restart (with a new name and look and everything) in 2021. Meanwhile, I’ve launched a new, completely unrelated venture called PH Tarot. Using tarot cards to help tease out a little clarity right now can be soothing.

If you’ve got a project that you want me to work on, I’m available now and can be reached through all the communications channels on this website.

Here’s wishing you and all your loved ones good health and safety.


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